The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a planning and budgeting tool that provides information about SAWS infrastructure needs. It identifies requirements for sustaining, restoring and modernizing the facilities and infrastructure that support water supply and delivery, wastewater collection and treatment, and chilled water requirements in the SAWS service area. It also prioritizes and schedules projects for funding and execution through a multi-year plan.

The CIP supports four core businesses: Water Supply, Water Delivery, Wastewater and Chilled Water. Water Supply CIP consists of projects to develop long term water supplies from surface and groundwater sources, including any transmission pipelines required to deliver these water supplies to SAWS service area. Water Delivery provides for the expansion, improvement and replacement of infrastructure required to produce and deliver water to the customer while wastewater CIP focuses on infrastructure for the collection and treatment of wastewater. Chilled Water CIP provides for the expansion, improvement and replacement of infrastructure required to generate and deliver chilled water to customers in the downtown and Port San Antonio areas.

The 2021 CIP program totals $541.3 million and is summarized in the table below.


2021 Capital Improvement Program
Core Business Area 2021 Funding
Water Delivery $182,391,576
Wastewater $325,942,794
Water Supply $32,891,260
Chilled Water $125,000

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The overall funding split for the 2021 water production and delivery and the wastewater collection and treatment program is 70% repairs and replacements and 30% additional capacity to support new growth and development.

Water Supply

The 2021 Water Supply program totals $30.7 million and includes $16.2 million for rehabilitation of the Artesia Pump Station and $9.3 million for restoration of the production capacity of the Artesia Wells association with the pump station.

Water Delivery

The 2021 Water Delivery program totals $182.4 million for production facilities upgrades, replacements and expansion as well as water main replacement.   The level of investment in Water Delivery infrastructure for 2021 is 79.3% higher than SAWS average annual investment in Water Delivery infrastructure over the last five years.


The 2021 Wastewater program totals $326 million.  Most of the 2021 Wastewater program, $157.8 million or 48.4%, focuses on the rehabilitation and replacement of wastewater mains identified through the SAWS Sanitary Sewer Overflow Reduction Program (SSORP).  These projects have been prioritized and scheduled to meet the requirements of SAWS Consent Decree with the federal government.  The single largest of the SSORP projects in 2021 is the Small and Large Diameter Condition Remedial Measures project at a cost of $64.8 million.  This project will fund the rehabilitation of approximately 25 miles of small and 6.5 miles of large diameter sewer mains that have been identified by televised inspection to be in very poor condition.

SAWS 2021 Capital Improvement Program Outlook