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Your bill and the new drought rule charges

While the proposed drought rule changes are designed to encourage compliance and stewardship of our supplies, exactly how much your own bill might change will depend on your household’s water use and other factors.

The show how the proposed rates may affect customer bills in different stages of drought. To learn more about how your own bill could be affected by the new charges, visit wateringrules.com.



Implementation of new non-compliance charges and drought surcharges effective for consumption on or after July 6, 2024, is hereby declared.

Consistent with the public notification procedures of Chapters 11 and 13 of the Texas Water Code, Titles 16 and 30 of the Texas Administrative Code and applicable city regulations, the San Antonio Water System Board of Trustees announces its intent to implement a new non-compliance charges and drought surcharges for advanced stages of drought. The new charges, as proposed by SAWS staff, were presented to the SAWS Board of Trustees on May 7, 2024, for a recommendation to City Council.

The proposed non-compliance charges and drought surcharges are currently scheduled for review and consideration by San Antonio City Council on June 13, 2024 (please monitor the City Council agenda for any changes in the schedule). A customer may participate in the process at the City Council meeting. Upon approval by City Council, the proposed 2024 charges will become effective for consumption on or after July 6, 2024. The charges will also be incorporated into SAWS’ water conservation and drought contingency plans.

The charges below and on page 3 represent samples of current and proposed billing amounts for different levels of consumption across various customer classes.

More information is available at 210-704-SAVE (7283) or wateringrules.com.

Para información en español, por favor lláme al 210-704-7283.

Drought Surcharge

Drought Surcharges are not applied unless a customer’s billed use achieves the volumetric thresholds shown. While the rate remains the same in Stage 3 and Stage 4, there are different thresholds in each stage such that the surcharge is incurred sooner in Stage 4 drought conditions than in
Stage 3 drought conditions.


Drought Surcharge Examples


Non-Compliance Charge

The application of a Non-Compliance Charge is strictly based on whether a customer violated the drought rules. Violations must be documented and observed by trained enforcement personnel. There are separate rates for large users and small users. Large users are characterized by having been billed one million gallons or greater in the previous year. Small users are those customers that have been billed for less than one million gallons of use in the previous year. There are also different rates depending on the number of violations incurred by the customer as repeated non-compliance with the rules impacts the community’s water supply.


Non-Compliance Charge Examples