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Developing a water-literate community

Issues concerning fresh water supplies and wastewater treatment are the core principles of the SAWS Education program. Students, pre-K through adult, who participate in SAWS Education programs formulate their own understanding of the importance of water. This happens through targeted initiatives inside and outside the classroom.


Student Programs

An educated, skilled, and active youth citizenry is a key to resolving water and environmental issues today and in the future. SAWS has implemented a school-age strategy that uses water as a catalyst to promote science and civic responsibility through presentations, field investigations and service opportunities. Our education program is free of charge and customized to be age appropriate.

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Community Programs

Our community programs include water-focused presentations and excursions for adults (18 years and older) that provide up-close learning opportunities. Excursions include visiting places off the beaten path and a few sites not typically open to the public. All Community Programs are free of charge and in some cases can be customized.