Fire Hydrant Meters

SAWS may authorize a meter to be connected temporarily to a fire hydrant during construction operations in lieu of installing a temporary service line provided the customer:

Deposit $1,684
Daily Availability Charge $6.79
* Please note rates are subject to change on a yearly basis.


RATE PER 100 GALLONS* Non-Irrigation Irrigation
2019 2019
Metered Water Sales $0.2710 $0.9841
Water Supply Fee $0.2256 $0.5903
Edwards Aquifer Authority Permit Fee** $0.03561
*Meters read in cubic feet, rate shown is converted to hundreds of gallons
**EAA Fee is a pass-through fee based on amounts billed to SAWS by these agencies.


Other Fees and Charges
Monthly Penalty for Failure to Bring in Fire Hydrant Meter for Calibration/Inspection $99.40 Updated by percentage rate change approved for Water Delivery in a given year after 2018 .
Flat Fee for Failure to Report Monthly Meter Readings on Time Equal to total Volumetric Cost of 100 CCF of Water No credit given for readings reported after due date showing lower than 100 CCF usage for month.
Flat Fee for Each Instance of Unauthorized SAWS Fire Hydrant Water Withdrawal Equal to total Volumetric Cost of 100 CCF of Water Plus 30 Days of Daily Availability Charges Assessed on each instance of unauthorized SAWS fire hydrant water withdrawal documented by SAWS staff.