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Using the Meter’s Digital Display

Tap the meter’s optical “button” with your fingertip to advance to the next screen.

Below, the screens are described in order of appearance on the meter display.

display screen


Errors and Alerts

If there are active errors and/or alerts, this screen will display first.

When an error or alert occurs, SAWS is notified automatically. In some cases, we may contact you about the issue.

error alert screen


Current Total Volume

  • This screen shows total water use in gallons since the meter was installed.
  • Read the display from left to right using standard place values: ones, tens, hundreds, etc.
  • The previous month’s reading is subtracted from the current reading to calculate total water use for your bill each month.
  • Customers are billed per hundred gallons of water used.

current total volume screen


Flow Rate

Displays current flow rate in gallons per minute, or gpm. If water is not currently in use, the gpm will display all zeros. It’s normal for this number to change depending on your current water use.

flow rate screen


Current Water Temperature

Displays the temperature of the water inside the service line.

temperature screen


Software Version

Displays the current version of software installed. (For SAWS use only.)

software version screen


High Resolution Reading

This is a more granular version of the Current Total Volume. It displays your water use in the thousandth of a gallon instead of a tenth of a gallon.

high resolution screen


Display Test

Used to ensure the LCD display is functioning properly. Unlit icons and/or graphics indicate a potential problem with the screen display. If you notice any unlit characters, call SAWS at 210-704-SAWS (7297).

display test screen


The water meter is your best tool for cutting water use and saving money. Learn how to read the digital meter and familiarize yourself with the information displayed.

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