When it rains in San Antonio, it usually pours. When it does come, there are a variety of ways you can put that rain to good use! Look to one of the options under our RainSaver umbrella program for several ways SAWS and our conservation partners can help you make the best use of what falls from the sky.

Rain Gardens

Rain Garden

You might call these multi-purpose gardens. Check here to learn more about how rain gardens work and how to build your own. Rain gardens improve water quality, reduce local flooding and save water when it’s not raining. Check to see if our WaterSaver Landscape Coupons can do double duty for you. Pick the right plants and they will benefit wildlife too.

Make and Take a Barrel Workshops

Rain Barrel

SAWS teams up with local conservation partner organizations. At these workshops, you’ll learn more about how to use the rainwater collected in your barrel with a little DIY involved too! Check our GardenStyleSA.com events calendar for upcoming workshop dates.

RainSaver Coupons

Rain Barrels

Sign up for WaterSaver Rewards and throughout the year you’ll have opportunities to earn a discount coupon for a rain barrel. Attend an approved conservation event offering points towards the coupon, which can be redeemed at participating vendors. Check our GardenStyleSA.com calendar for a list of upcoming events.

RainSaver Custom Rebate

Rain Cisterns

If you want to go big — really big — a RainSaver Custom Rebate may be for you! For this option, you’ll need to meet all of the requirements of our RainSaver Custom Rebate which includes signing a contract. We’ll want to see the right plant material that will survive solely on natural rainfall and whatever rainwater you can store. This also means that irrigation systems will not be allowed at these types of residential landscapes. If you’re planting right, you won’t need it anyway. The best thing is that you have all the information on the correct plants right here at GardenStyleSA.com.

If you are interested in installing a large rain catchment system we recommend you use a certified professional to assist with your planning and design efforts.You can also set up a special RainSaver landscape consultation by emailing us at consult@saws.org. Make sure the subject line says “RainSaver Landscape Consult” so we can provide the appropriate response in a timely fashion.